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Unexpected Postpartum Problems

I had a few weird things happen to me postpartum, but those were on top of the standard awfulness that ARE expected i.e: Having to sit on a kid’s rubber ring for a week because ALL THE BITS HURT! I also used frozen aloe vera covered mat-pads, which felt like a very cold, very soothing hug in my knick knacks.

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My Bedroom is a Mess

If I take up a glass of water… it never comes back down. We have piles of laundry dotted around the place. I can barely see myself in our dust coated mirror. My son’s old cot is in parts, propped against the wall. You get the picture.

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No More Jobs

Now, I am continuously washing up. I don’t understand it. There is a constant stream of filthy plates, bowls, highchair trays, cutlery, cups, lunch boxes, pots, pans, THE BLOODY CHEESE GRATER, and it is never ending.

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A Formula Feeding Mum

No matter how you feed your baby, you are feeding your baby. You are making sure that the little being you made is loved, fed, happy, warm, and safe – if you are doing those things, you are a good mum.

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Pending Second Son

There may be a little sadness when you find out the gender, whether it’s at the scan, or at the birth itself. You will have imagined two people, and one of them disappears in a split second. My little girl disappeared the day of our 20 weeks scan. But luckily, the joy of the boy took over. Our little lad.

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5 Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

I would save reading time for the night feeds so that I had some wonder to look forward to at 4am. He’d stir, I’d groan, I’d make his bottle with one eye open and a frown, and then I’d remember…. Harry’s about to visit Diagon Alley for the first time, and I’d be thrilled to be awake.

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Christmas Fail #4

The past week has been reminiscent of the newborn phase, but I’ve been much less accepting of it, and I’ve been out of training.

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