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A Forceps Delivery

He looked at me and said, ‘Now, tell me why you don’t want a forceps delivery?’ and my mind went blank. Why didn’t I want a forceps delivery? I mean, ideally, I didn’t want a delivery. I just wanted a baby to appear with no need for excruciating pain or everlasting bodily damage.

3 Toddler Tantrum Tips

Hello parents of tantruming toddlers, hopefully these 3 tips can help you and your little one cope with this turbulent stage of life.

Life With a Toddler and Baby

When one starts, the other joins in. Either because it’s so upsetting watching your sibling cry, or because they know that if they cry too, they get in on that sweet attention. If they’re both pooing and crying, just give up. Call in reinforcements.

How to Survive a Wedding Ceremony With Your Toddler

To give our toddlers the best chance of behaving how we’d like them to during a wedding ceremony, we need to give them a heads up, for everything. A heads up and a running commentary at the same time (in a whisper). Channel your inner David Attenborough.


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