Mother and Son

After a day of battles over seat belts, eating vegetables, putting your coat on, not putting your toy animals in the precise position you desire…. I love you more than ever.

After spending a holiday with you and your cousins, where it’s constant screaming, hysterical laughter, hysterical tears, fights, hugs, wrestling matches… I love you more than ever.

After sleepless nights because you are too excited for tomorrow to begin…. I love you more than ever.

After a day at home, where the house is a complete pig sty, where the only time to sort the mess out is after you’ve gone to bed…. I love you more than ever.

Every day, without fail, I fall asleep thinking, ‘I love him more than ever’.

Our battles always end in gripping hugs and ‘I love you, always’.

Our holidays always end with a million memories made – countless stories for me to tell you when you’re older, about how you and your cousins became best friends and made each other laugh until you cried… and inevitably got sent to your rooms.

Our sleepless nights always end with the biggest, good morning smiles, and another day of you.

Our days at home always end with our goodnight chats, where you talk about all your favourite things about the day, and when I ask, ‘What has made you happy today?’ Every time, you say,

‘You, Mum.’

I will forever love you more than ever.

Published by RaisingBoys

I’m Kelly. I’m 34 and I am a primary school teacher (when I’m not mumming). I live in a thin, tall house with my thinnish, quite tall husband and two beautiful boys. I love writing, and am trying to keep it up so I can keep a piece of me.

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