Life With a Toddler and Baby

When one starts crying, the other joins in. Either because it’s so upsetting watching your sibling cry, or because they know that if they cry too, they get in on that sweet attention. If they’re both pooing and crying, just give up. Call in reinforcements.

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i love you more than ever

After a day of battles over seat belts, eating vegetables, getting dressed, not putting your toy animals in the precise position you desire…. I love you more than ever.

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Leave them to it…

Our two-year-old, boisterous ball of boyness is really going through this trying stage of life. My husband and I are in constant emergency meetings, trying to figure out how to best approach R’s new behaviours… 

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Taking a Toddler on Holiday

 I mean, is it completely mad to take your toddler on a trip away?

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The first day of the rest of your (educational) Life

I was even a little proud when I had to stay behind to talk to the teachers because you’d been a bit naughty.

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